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A Richmond VA Based Company

Don't miss being a part of the next retail technology explosion.

Dulybites is a Marketing Company committed to connecting consumers to local businesses like yours.

We help businesses grow customer engagement and repeat business through proximity marketing. We are experts in beacons, geofence, and text marketing, allowing companies to send push notifications and deals to consumers based on their locations. Our goal is to drive traffic/consumers to local businesses with our multichannel promotional system.


Digital Reward Kiosks and text marketing


Our flagship loyalty and text message engagement product

helps businesses gain and retain customers like never before. 

​Dulyperks is a loyalty program/text marketing tool developed for small business to reward their customers based on visits.

With Dulyperks we provide a subscription platform where your customers can sign up to receive points per visit and by doing so

they opt in to receive text messages with offer specials and deals from your business.

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